Cemal Nadir Güler »»» I told you about Cemal Nadir before. He was so different; tranquil, unostentatious. His first wife probably found him insufficient. Maybe he was insufficient in a sense, but formidable in another! He had his second wife stolen by a family friend, Vâlâ Nurettin Vâ-Nû. The third was a university student, I think named Ayşe. Like a storm, she came through the door of the house and went out through the window! But the fourth, with her intelligence and warm heart, was the wife god had made for him. From then on, he would rest and be happy.

Yusuf Ziya Ortaç

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  • Cihat Burak

    Photo: Ara Güler
    »»» The period in which the artistic identity of Cihat Burak took shape coincides with debates on the Westernization of the Ottoman Empire, the single party period and Word War II, and national architecture vs. Western architecture. The passion for study that is deeply rooted in Western and Eastern cultures offer him a critical point of view and artistic content. The social, political, cultural properties and sensitive points as well as insensitivities of our country after 1960s can be demonstrated solely by work chosen from among his production. We commemorate Cihat Burak on the 10. anniversary of his death, who earned an unmatched place in the history of Turkish painting and culture with his intellectual attitude, and realistic and fantastic conception of art.

    Haşim Nur Gürel

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  • Hale (Salih) Asaf

    »»» "Our young painters and sculptors came back yesterday.
    Artists who were sent Paris by Education Ministery, three and half years ago came back succesfully."

    (Milliyet, 14 August 1928, Tuesday, p.1)

    Feyhaman Duran

    »»» "The best in art you must know less but very well, instead of learning everything. Painter's eye is the best eye to see... Who controls his gaze is also adept at his hand..."

    Feyhaman Duran

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  • Time of the City

    The modern city, in accordance with its nature has a fluidity velocity special to it, independent of human life span. Monuments, meeting points, roads geometrically segmenting the city, dormitory like building clusters, settlings that define our remoteness from nature, traffic rules that housebroke our perception of direction… are always designed for "a subject" that belongs to now, the past and the future. Modern culture alienates, neutralises, suggests and even interferes with the breathing of the individual sucked into the city. At the source of this segregation between personal life and worldly existence, lies the view that the city should move according to an individual with ample time. The conflict between personality and city, divides the individual's time and the city's time and transforms the city into an independent entity like an imaginary subject.

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