( Masterpieces of Turkish Painting   )

Critical Texts  

From I. Constitutional Monarchy Era (1876) to Turkish Republic Era (1923),
50 "Masterpieces" of Turkish Painting

    1. 1876/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Flowers in a Vase", 70x57, private collection
    2. 1879/Seker Ahmet Pasa, "Still-life", 63x105, MSÜRHMK
    3. 1880/Osman Hamdi Bey, "From the Harem", 56x116, private collection
    4. 1881/Osman Hamdi Bey, "A View from Gebze", 75x120, MSÜRHMK
    5. 1882/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Girl with Slanted Eyes", 37x29, private collection
    6. ? /Sefik," A Feast Table in the Palace", 73x92, MSÜRHMK
    7. 1887/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Woman Taking a Walk", 84x132, private collection
    8. ? /Seker Ahmet Pasa, "Self-portrait", 116x85, MSÜRHMK
    9. 1890/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Visit to a Tomb", 86x65, private collection
    10. 1891/Kolagasi Ahmet Sekur, "Bursa from _ekirge", 74x99, MSÜRHMK
    11. 1891/Halil Pasa, "Old female Servant", 140x106, Private collection
    12. 1892/Halil Pasa,"Fishermen", 66x88, Private collection
    13. 1894/Halil Pasa, "Woman Reposing", 41x60, MSÜRHMK
    14. 1895/Süleyman Seyyid," Orange", 32x41, MSÜRHMK
    15. 1896/Bedri Kullari, "German Fountain", 84x110, Ankara RHMK
    16. 1897/Halil Pasa,"On the Beach", 57x77, MSÜRHMK
    17. 1897/Halil Pasa, "Fisherman", 80x64, Private collection
    18. 1898/Ahmet Ziya Akbulut, "Sultan Ahmet Mosque", 123x150, MSÜRHMK
    19. 1899/Halil Pasa," Strolling in Bostanci Beach", 55x80, Private collection
    20. 1900/Seker Ahmet Pasa," Woodcutter in the Forest", 140x180, MSÜRHMK
    21. 1901/Süleyman Seyyid, "Tulips and Jonquils", 55x46, MSÜRHMK
    22. 1901/Osman Hamdi Bey," Altar", 210x108, Private collection
    23. 1902/Halil Pasa, "From Erenköy", 81x116, Private collection
    24. ? /S.Hasan Riza Bey, "1. Siege of Vienna", 188x312, Military Museum Collection
    25. 1905/Halil Pasa, " The Sea", 66x93, MSÜRHMK
    26. 1905/Osman Hamdi Bey," Man with Yellow Robe", 221x121, MSÜRHMK
    27. 1906/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Woman with Mimosas", 135x98, MSÜRHMK
    28. 1906/Osman Hamdi Bey, "Turtle Trainer", 223x117, Private collection
    29. 1908/Müride Kadri," Love by the Seaside", 38x55, MSÜRHMK
    30. ?/Hüseyin Zekai Pasa, "From the Garden of Yildiz Palace", 95x134, MSÜRHMK
    31. 1908/Osman Hamdi Bey, Merchant of Arms", 173x130, Ankara RHMK
    32. 1909/Hüseyin Avni Lifij, "Self-portrait", 65x46, MSÜRHMK
    33. 1910/Müfide Kadri, "Picnic",38x55, Ankara RHMK
    34. ?/Hoca Ali Riza," Picnic on the Island", 70x175, Private collection
    35. ?/Ali Cemal Beyrutlu, "Ship Unloading Cargo", 48x73, Private collection
    36. 1915/Ibrahim Çalli, "Night Raid", 175x225, Military Museum Collection
    37. 1915/Kaymakam Ismail Hakký, "Dardanelles War", 97x121, Military Museum Collection
    38. 1916/Hüseyin Avni Lifij," Public Works in Kadiköy Municipality", 175, 505, MSÜRHMK
    39. 1917/Hikmet Onat, "Soldiers Reading Letters in Foxhole", MSÜRHMK
    40. 1917/Namik Ismail, "Artillerymen", 145x120, MSÜRHMK
    41. 1917/Namik Ismail, "Woman Reposing on a Sofa", 131x185, MSÜRHMK
    42. 1917/Ibrahim Çalli, "Turkish Artillerymen", 180x270, MSÜRHMK
    43. 1917/Sevket Dag, "Harem Quarter", 91x65, MSÜRHMK
    44. ?Caliph Abdülmecit," Beethoven in the Palace", 155x211, MSÜRHMK
    45. 1919/Ömer Adil, " Girls Class", 81x118, MSÜRHMK
    46. 1920/Namik Ismail," Portrait of Lady Mediha", 63x58, MSÜRHMK
    47. 1921/Feyhaman Duran," Painter Friends", 133x162, MSÜRHMK
    48. 1921/Hikmet Onat, "Woman with Embroidery Hoop", 78x89, MSÜRHMK
    49. 1922/Nazli Ecevit," Portrait of Keriman", 138x100, MSÜRHMK
    50. 1922/Nazmi Ziya," Morning", 55x81, MSÜRHMK

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