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ECZACIBAŞI VIRTUAL MUSEUM - www.sanalmuze.org - 24 Hour Open Museum of Turkey
'For the realization of the 'VIRTUAL MUSEUM' it could be a very useful step forward that the researches, curators and historians of art prepare '10 exhibitions' by considering the above mentioned periods (10 periods where the adventure of our Visual Arts from Turkish Primitives until now has been considered) with all aspects.

A selection from these exhibitions and their catalogues, which will bring into light the most perfect works of each period, would be absolutely very extensive and right. Then; 'IMAGINARY MUSEUM' could be opened up at least as 'VIRTUAL MUSEUM' for the benefit of the interested ones through Internet, even though it has no place and permanent staff."

The story of 'ECZACIBASI VIRTUAL MUSEUM' begun when the lines mentioned above were published and attracted 'ECZACIBASI HOLDING' s top executives attention. Work on the website started in July 1998, and in October 1999 'ECZACIBASI VIRTUAL MUSEUM' was online and opened its 'screens' to everybody in Turkey and in the world, as the 'FIRST VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF TURKEY' , that is updated continuously and daily with at least two new exhibitions every month…

Starting with its on-line mode, updating the web site had to be planned because of the never ending and striking innovations of Internet and the need of change of graphic designs approaches. At the end of these works, 'ECZACIBASI VIRTUAL MUSEUM' carries on its duty with an enriched content more and more with a new graphical design and software…

Since the beginning, the 'Advisory Committee', which is a very important part of Virtual Museum, carries on the monthly meetings that started in autumn 2000 and provides the creation and communication of ideas for future projects…

Starting with October 2001, Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum uses also the 'Virtual Museum Office' in a more effective way for advocating its mission among art students, artists, art historians, art educators and curators..

We would like to remind our viewers once again how important their support for this attempt is, which aims at creating the ' Visual Memory Archive' of Turkey by connecting to and giving all kinds of news to 'Eczacibasi Virtual Museum' and by listing (2) some of the new 'Art Links' which are a 'click' away.


The viewers will be welcomed by an 'Opening Page' showing a new work of art every day from the newest exhibition presented on the home page.

'Home Page' presents the newly updated sections of the museum's content in three columns. Starting at the top with the newest "Current Exhibitions" and other "Novelties & Suggestions" and continuing with special sections such as "Virtual Gallery" and 'My Collection' in which each viewer can create his/her own virtual collection of 45 most relished images…

In the 'Collections' section there are works from the Eczacıbaşı Collections as well as propositions for a 'National Works of Art Collection'. Exhibitions of important masters in "The İnternational Collections" aim at commemorating important anniversaries of these artists.

In the 'Exhibitions' section, the extensive 'Retrospective Exhibitions' of Turkish Painting's indisputable senior and most active painters will be continued in sequence. These' exhibitions are realized thanks to the interest, support and cooperation of the artists and their reperesentative galleries.
'Current Exhibitions', 'Conceptual Exhibitions', "Sculpture"and 'Caricature Exhibitions' as well as special sections for artists such as "Fikret Muâlla Saygı" and "Hoca Ali Rıza" are also important parts of this section…

In the 'Learning by Research' section, there are projects, texts and images, which include the approaches to explore the mysteries, dates and techniques of the works of art:
'Reading the Works of Art' aims trying to understand and explain the creation period and works of the artist; ' How We Perceive' dwells on the perception features of human brain; 'Analyze a Work of Art' starts the archive of the examples analyzing a single work; 'Knowing an Artist's World' examines the world of the creative artists and the language they developed themselves; 'Pictures and Stories' aims to pave the way for the original interpretations of the viewers about the works; 'Book Suggestions' presents 'Reading List of 10 Books' suggestions of the artists, critics and curators…

'Research Resources'- provides the immediate connection to the focus of art of our country and the world.

'Art Calendar'- The ones, who are registered in the mailing list, will be informed about the special activities of the day.

In the 'Panels' section, it is being aimed to create a debate milieu where the masterpieces of our art works and their evaluation criterion are designated. For this reason, two continuous panels, called 'Turkish Painting Anthology' and 'Critic File' are opened before all else to our viewers' participation. New panels will be open up in time for other topics necessarily to be debated on…

In the 'Activities' section "Education Projects" realized in fairs are presented in the Turkish version of the site mainly for Turkish art educators.

In the 'Artist Studios' (You can pay a virtual visit to the artist studios, make records in different techniques in their place and chat with them.), 'Conferences' (Texts of activities that were realized by the Virtual Museum Organization in real places.) 'Virtual Museum Office Visits' (Artists, curators and art trainers can visit Virtual Museum Office for information about our activities, on condition that they get an appointment in advance.), 'Symposiums/Seminars' (Eczacibaşı Virtual Museum takes part in art events in our country such as Art Fairs and other important exhibitions, from time to time. Our visitors who have joined our 'Mailing List' will be informed with the highest priority about these activities, which will be announced in the Art Calendar.), 'Virtual Museum Excursion Programs' ('Real' excursion programs will be organized to stroll around the national and international art activities with the Virtual Museum's curators. In case of sufficient registered persons these activities will be proclaimed in the Art Calendar.), 'Learning Painting' (This section will be opened up together with international links and will be developed with original work productions.), 'Learning How to Teach Painting' (This section will be opened up together with international links and will be developed with original work productions.)

'Information & News'- (General information and warnings, announcement about projects and people assisting these projects.)

'Communication'- (Possibility to follow activities and chances before all else, as being registered to the mailing list.)

'Assisting Virtual Museum' - (With 'Idea Suggestions' and 'Image Rights Donation' it would be possible to assist the Virtual Museum projects and to share with the others the works you like.)

'Social Center' will include; 'Message Board' (For all your opinions), 'Forum' (Your opinions and questions about current matters), 'Puzzle', 'Competition' (New Quiz, Guess-Find-Win from '75 Works of Eczacibasi Collection') and 'Screen Savers'…

The power of the Internet lies in the fact that the doors of a huge world open 'by clicking a single site address'…It also lies in offering the possibility to cooperate with thousands of people who aim to share everything they thought over and produced regarding the same subject…The period for complaints such as…'I'm an important genius but nobody understands me', is over now with this technological revolution. Anybody who has a certain kind of viable production can find a way to reach some persons in other parts world. However, to make this system work properly, to have all the values come into light our creative people should present to the society their original works of high quality, which are the result of researches, by giving up the habits of 19th and 20th century, such as 'withdrawing from the public life' and 'being offended'…

The reason of existence of 'ECZACIBASI VIRTUAL MUSEUM' is to bring into light this kind of knowledge and this kind of experienced people, and also to bring them together… We believe that the art viewers of our country will increase their support they lend since the very beginning for this attempt, which is the cornerstone for the establishment of visual museums of every kind and which helps to look at the 21st century with more hope.

A few ststistics about the Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum's activities in the first months of 2004 are an important evidence that our endevaour is taking root in our country. The average daily number of visitors in March 2004 was over 600 per day, the monthly 19.000 and the yearly total for June 2003- May 2004 period reached 150.000 viewers. The number of hits in March 2004 was over 1.300.000. About a third of our viewers are from İstanbul, % 10 from Ankara, % 5 from İzmir and the rest, that is % 50 are from other cities of Anatolia and from abroad. Of the site's visitors who also became members, 717 people said they were artists, 75 were art historians, 353 were educators, 356 were engineers, 232 were architects, 187 were doctors, 147 were in management, 157 were involved in banking and financial services, 147 were business executives, 72 were in marketing, 71 were designers and 121 were involved in media and communication. The overall e-mail network of Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum is about 10.000, and 45 % of the visitors hold a BA or BS degree, % 20 a graduate degree, % 13 a post-graduate degree, % 12 a high school degree, % 5 a doctorate, 4 % junior college degree and 1 % primary school diploma.

The number of idependent viewers hosted last year were 84.599 at May 31 st, 2004 and weekly transferred knowledge average for May 2004 was 44,735 gigabytes.

Another indication of the success of the site was the "Golden Compass - Communication Branch" 1st prize awarded by the Public Relations Association on March 2004.

Curators of Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum also contributed to and are involved in other organizations for actualising a real museum in İstanbul as well as being instrumental in several exhibition organisations mainly in İstanbul.

October 2004 marks the 5th anniversary of Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum's actualisation date; I can say that a lot has been achieved in this period but there a lot more to be surmounted ahead of us, and the young generations that have helped us through this process by working as interns and cultivated themselves as well as contributing to our activities are our hope for the future of art and art education in Turkey.

Content Management and Concept : Haşim Nur Gürel


Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation thanks all persons who own the copyrights of texts and images that are used in the "Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum". Our foundation is a non-commercial institute that aims at educating our young generations that use the interactive media and making Turkish art and artists better known in Turkey and abroad. If any artists or their inheritors to whom we have not been able to reach arise, we would like them to communicate with members of "Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation" or members of "Eczacıbaşı Virtual Museum".

The legal rights of all images in the Virtual Museum - other than that are taken permission of - belong to the copyright holders and they can not be copied or used without permission.

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